vengeance incorporated timeline

  • 1980

    Vengeance begins

    Guy (guitar) & Herb (drums) with Mendel (bass) start Vengeance, named for the Thin Lizzy song "King's Vengeance" from "Fighting" and play a few parties. Carl joins as vocalist.

  • 1981

    Vengeance 1.0

    Mitch, Guy's brother, returns from the Navy and takes drums while Herb moves to bass. Guy, Carl, Herb and Mitch play some keg parties.

  • 1982

    Vengeance 2.0

    Mike joins on guitar and Bobby Gibbs as effects/lightman. Vengeance plays the Union Hall, Mango Civic Club, Joyful Process, Tarot Pub and many other events, parties, clubs to become the biggest band in the small pond of Brandon FL.

  • 1983

    Vengeance 3.0

    Wayne replaces Carl on vocals and Dave, Curt's brother, replaces Mitch on drums. The band plays nicer bars but eventually breaks up over Wayne's preference for commercial material and the loss of the band rehearsal house.

  • 1984-87

    Vengeance 4.0

    Vengeance reforms with Guy, Curt and Dave and begin writing songs. Dave leaves to join Brat and Chuck joins on drums and Vengeance records demos for Predator.

  • 1988


    Guy, Curt and Chuck record and release Predator and play a few public gigs. Curt leaves the band to move to Alabama with his family.

  • 1989

    Vengeance 4.5

    Guy and Chuck recruit Mark and begin writing songs for the next project, Malicious Intent. After recording some demos, Mark leaves and is replaced by Nick. Mike joins as 2nd guitar.

  • 1990

    Vengeance 5.0

    Curt returns, and Guy, Mike, Chuck and Curt finish off and release Malicious Intent and begin playing live gigs. They record a music video for Murder in Your Eyes.

  • 1991-92

    Bad Crazy

    Guy, Mike, Curt and Chuck write, rehearse and release Bad Crazy, record a video for Beijing and begin playing high profile local gigs opening for national acts, break out on European, Australian and S. American radio and are featured in international metal mags.

  • 1993

    Cover Band & Break-up

    Venues for original metal begin to dry up, Vengeance Incorporated begin work on new project, but writing stalls. The band starts playing covers in order to keep getting gigs. Curt eventually leaves the band. Vengeance auditions replacements but decides to break up and start a new band project, doc weasel with Guy moving to guitar and the band playing alternative and classic. rock.

  • 1994

    Love Kills

    Guy and Mike complete and release Love Kills.

  • 1995-99

    Vengeance Incorporated website

    docweaselband continues with Guy, Mike, Chuck and a succession of bass players. Guy creates the first Vengeance Incorporated archive website

  • 2000-2010

    Updates and Changes

    Mark joins docweaselband as Mike retires from public performance and recording. Guy does the first major updates of the website in 10 years and adds photos, video, audio and promo content as well as commentary. Chuck leaves docweaselband and they go through a succession of drummers. Curt passes away. Guy shuts down eg studios.

  • 2015-18

    docweaselband and website updates

    Guy converts the site to WP. Chuck rejoins Guy and Mark in docweaselband with a succession of bassists. dwb eventually stops playing bars, only playing TB Bucs Gameday gigs. When the Bucs axe all the bands, Guy breaks up dwb. Carl, Vengeance 1.0-2.0 singer passes away.

  • 2019-23

    Changes and updates

    MItch, Guy's brother and 2.0 drummer passes away. PHP incompatibility with the site's WP theme forces a major update and redesign.