bad crazy

music & lyrics
01 Don’t Believe A Word
02 Suicide
3RRR Radio Melbourne 1
3RRR Radio Melbourne 2

A Tribute to Phil Lynott

all songs © Phil Lynott

produced and mixed by Guy with Mike
© 1988 King Klassic Records
recorded at Fabulous e.g. studios, Brandon, FL

Don’t Believe A Word
Guy bass, lead and backing vocals, lead & rhythm guitars
Chuck drums

Guy bass, lead & backing vocals, lead & rhythm guitars
Mike wah-wah lead solos
Chuck drums


Recorded for a small label, King Klassic Records that had retained the limited rights to Phil Lynott’s songs by negotiating directly with his mother for a one-off album with various indy metal bands covering Phil Lynott tunes. The deal was, the label had no money, so each band was expected to record the songs on their own hook, then send them to the label owner, who would compile them, pick a running order and attempt to remaster the tracks so that they would sound the same tonally and dynamically.

Possessing the advantage of our own studio, we quickly supplied two well-recorded numbers. Dan, the owner, liked them so much he used them to start off the first side of the album, Don’t on side one, and to finish the album with Suicide on side two.

We were allowed to chose our own songs, as long as none of the other bands had chosen it yet. I preferred Boys Are Back in Town but another band had already taken it. I always loved Don’t Believe and Chuck was big on Suicide so we picked those two. Since Vengeance was between lead guitarists at the time, Guy did almost all the instrumentation and singing himself with Chuck on drums, and wah-wah specialist Mike supplied the wah-wah solo for and Guy played the final solo for Suicide.

Supposedly, the bands would share in any profits. I have no idea if the album ever made any money, but we sure never saw any. Included are 2 radio promo spots Guy did for 3RRR Radio Melbourne for heavy metal show host Allan Thomas, who had hoped to bring the band to Australia to tour, but funds never materialized. The promos remain.

The spots use a snippet from the climax of Suicide, which is why they are grouped here.