Star Ratings

The star ratings are relative to the other Vengeance videos, not comparative to any other video that exists. The list above compares the videos to each other overall, 1-3 stars based on the performance, crowd response and the video and audio quality. A rating of 3 means it is among the best recordings of our best performances.

Ratings for performance are kind of subjective, technical ratings for video and audio are more objective, but none of the audio is great, as it’s just the audio track from a 1990s-quality hand-held, VHS loaded video camera wielded by one of our friends, not a pro cameraman.

We’re pretty lucky to have so much video of the band in a time when video recording was still fairly new and few bands bothered. I’m forever grateful to Todd Grubbs, who taped most of these for free, usually in exchange for studio time or just out of friendship.

Individual videos are rated by video quality, sound/mix quality, band’s performance/vocals and crowd size and response, using the following rough criteria:


starstarstarstarstar Very clear video, good framing and camerawork, the best video we have
starstarstarstarstar Less than optimum, but still very good.
starstarstarstarstar Fairly clear but static camera work, uneven framing or less focused visuals
starstarstarstarstar Blurry, badly framed, poor camerawork or framing
starstarstarstarstar Nearly unwatchable and useless


starstarstarstarstar Very clear audio, tone and balance, vocals clear and audible, good drum sound
starstarstarstarstar Less than optimum, but still very good.
starstarstarstarstar Fair balance or sound quality, fair tone
starstarstarstarstar Very muddy or tinny tone, poor instrument or vocal balance, low audio/high noise levels
starstarstarstarstar Nearly unlistenable and useless


starstarstarstarstar Very tight, inspired and proficient ensemble and solo playing, good crowd interaction
starstarstarstarstar Less than optimum, but still very good.
starstarstarstarstar Fair performances and crowd interaction, a few clams & rhythm breaks, fair vocals
starstarstarstarstar Poor playing, breakdowns, frequent clams, dropped beats or poor vocals
starstarstarstarstar Sex Pistols quality performance


starstarstarstarstar Big, enthusiastic crowd evident on video
starstarstarstarstar Smaller crowd but still very appreciative and loud
starstarstarstarstar Small or quiet crowd reaction
starstarstarstarstar A few friends, girlfriends and the waitstaff, some of whom applaud politely
starstarstarstarstar Graveyard shift, playing to the chairs