A Tribute to Curt from Katy

August 29, 2018
August 29, 2018 Katy

A Tribute to Curt from Katy

We recently heard from Curt’s former girlfriend, Katy. She and Curt were dating when Vengeance formed and while we were developing our first 2 albums Predator and Malicious Intent. She also took the promo photos for the first album. The guys in the band have posted their views but here’s Katy’s tribute from another angle, Curt’s romantic side.

Curt was my first “True Love”

To this day I can honestly say Curt was the best man I’ve ever had the honor of loving. He practiced integrity, honesty, loyalty, respectfulness, humility, compassion, and courage. He had a heart of gold.

I went to Academy of the Holy Names High School in the early 80’s. It’s an all-girls Catholic school in Tampa. I was a cheerleader and I only dated football players from Jesuit High School.

One night my two friends and I snuck out of our houses and went to see a band play at a local club. My friend had seen the band play before and she was crazy about the lead guitarist. She wanted me to meet him and see what a “Rock Star” he was.

The first time I laid eyes on Curt I swear my heart stopped. He was insane on his guitar but he wasn’t flashy – he didn’t need to be. I was so lost in him right away.

He came over to our table after he finished his set. Curt & I couldn’t take our eyes off of one another. After two weeks I lost a friend and Curt & I were inseparable.


Some photos of Katy today. Click to enlarge.

My father was a Special Ops Army LTC. He was a tough guy. He was especially tough on any guy who wanted to date me.

I told my Mother & Father that my new boyfriend was coming over to the house to meet them. They were a bit confused. How did I have a new boyfriend if he had never come over to the house before?

Curt knocked at the door and I opened it right away. Keep in mind – my parents had only met boys who were wearing Izod shirts and khakis. Curt was a man – he had long hair and was wearing a black leather studded jacket with matching black leather pants and gloves. He was holding a dozen red roses for me!

I introduced Curt to my Mother & Father. Curt was so respectful. He shook hands with my Father. (I was so nervous!) My Dad looked down and said, “Great gloves, Curt!”

My parents loved him! I met Curt’s family and loved them right away. Curt and I experienced so much together.

Curt was there when I graduated from high school and he was the very first guy I ever spent the night with.

Curt played with a Country Band for awhile. I went to see him play (like I always did) and from out of nowhere Curt walked up to the mic and said, “This is for Katy. You make me feel wonderful every night”. He launched into Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight” and sang every word to me – staring at me. I had never heard him sing before! He was so wonderful! I felt so incredibly special and loved by him.

Curt and I would borrow his Mom’s gold Trans Am, take the T tops off and ride around for hours at night. We’d go “parking” and stare up at the stars together.

The jewelry box Curt gave me for Christmas ’82.

At one point, my Mother’s doctor suspected my Mom had cancer. Curt proposed to me immediately. He wanted my Mom to see us get married before she died. We had already talked about spending the rest of our lives together. My Mother didn’t have cancer. Curt & I decided to wait until I graduated from college to get married.

I started attending the University of Tampa. I knew I wanted to go into the Music Industry and become a Promotion Manager. I wasn’t a very good girlfriend to Curt during college. I drank and drugged constanrly to fit in and I cheated on Curt. After all of my terrible behavior, Curt loved me enough to forgive me.

My father died two weeks before I graduated from UT. Curt was at my dorm room door the night it happened. He heard about it or someone called him and he was there for me. I hadn’t seen Curt for a long time. It didn’t matter. He attended my father’s funeral and consoled my family. He treated us with complete compassion.

I went to work for Warner Brothers Records and Island/Def Jam Music Group. I lost Curt somewhere along the way. But, I knew I’d see him again. It was in my heart – I absolutely believed I would see him again.

Throughout the years I looked for Curt on FaceBook. I imagined him marrying a wonderful woman and having children. I always envisioned how happy his Mother would be playing with her grandchildren.

Katy’s shrines to Curt’s spirit. . Click to enlarge.

I’ve been clean & sober for 18 years now. I started thinking a lot about Curt two weeks ago. I realized I had never made amends to him for what I had done when I was still drinking and using. I walked into a 7-Eleven and grabbed a Diet Coke. When I got home, I saw the name “Curtis” written on it.

I started looking for Curt and then I read that Curt had died. I went running to my jewelry box to find a necklace Curt had given me so long ago. It finally dawned on me that Curt had given me the jewelry box for Christmas in 1983. There will never be another Curt or another first “True Love” for me. Not a day goes by that I don’t remember something else wonderful about Curt.

I look back over the last thirty five years of my life and I realize that no one has ever loved me like Curt did. No one has ever treated me with such respect and kindness. Curt was a true Gentleman. He’ll always be My First True Love.


After graduating the University of Tampa, Katy moved from the bay area to LA and went to work for Warner Brothers Records and Island/Def Jam Music Group as a Promotion/Marketing Executive. She acted as PR liaison between recording artist, the public, artist management, radio personnel, concert promoters, and corporate sales staff to drive artist and label revenue.  She accompanied artists on tour, managed tour promotions and marketing for premiere acts including: U2, Elton John, Jimmy Buffett, Melissa Etheridge, and Jay Z.

Today she lives happily in Massachusetts on a 10 acre farm “miles from anywhere” with her Mom.