malicious intent

Malicious Intent

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Malicious Intent *remastered mp3s Aug. 2008
Produced and Mixed by Guy with Vengeance
lyrics by Guy © 1990 Propaganda Records
cover art by Eli O’Brien
logo designed by Kevin Bodo
layout by Ed Aborn
cover photograph by Jane Nastase
photography by Teresa Hattaway
thanks to Mark for pre-production guitar work, co-writer w/ Vengeance: 1, 2, 6 & 9
recorded at Fabulous e.g. studios, Brandon, FL

Malicious Intent
music & lyrics
01 Black Ace (E.O.S.)
Vengeance Inc.
02 Whipped
Vengeance Inc.
03 Cry Havoc
04 Murder in Your Eyes
05 Carnivore
06 Reign of Terror
Vengeance Inc.
07 Blood Money
08 Judas
09 Killing Frost
Vengeance Inc.
10 Alone
11 Neo-Nazi
12 Latter Days
Vengeance Inc.
malicious intent
total time
live tracks (bonus)
from BL&C
01 Black Ace (live)
Vengeance Inc
02 Whipped (live)
Vengeance Inc
03 Carnivore (live)
04 Murder in Your Eyes (live)
05 Reign of Terror (live)
Vengeance Inc
06 Killing Frost (live)
Vengeance Inc
07 Alone (live)
08 Latter Days (live)
Vengeance Inc
live tracks (bonus)
total time

Vengeance Incorporated is:

Guy bass, lead and backing vocals
Mike lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals
Curt lead and rhythm guitars
Chuck drums

Malicious Intent

side one

Black Ace
Curt lead solo
Mike mayhem guitars
Guy and Mike backing vocals
Guy DX7 effects

Curt lead solo and intro
Guy and Mike backing vocals
Rafe puppy bark

Cry Havoc
Curt lead guitars
Guy and Mike backing vocals

Murder in your Eyes
Curt lead guitars
Guy and Mike backing vocals
John Lennon intro quote

Mike lead and wah-wah guitar
Guy and Mike backing vocals
Ginger Lynn & friend girl sounds

Reign of Terror
Curt lead guitars
Guy Arp strings, Ensoniq strings
Chuck gong and bell
Curt, Mark, Mike and Guy acoustic and classical guitars

side two

Blood Money
Guy all guitars and keys
Chuck drums & gong

Guy lead guitars and keys
Guy, Mike and Bobby “Deacon” Gibbs backing vocals

Killing Frost
Curt lead fills
Mike lead solo
Guy stacked guitar parts and backing vocals

Curt lead solo
Guy guitar orchestra intro
Guy and Mike backing vocals

Curt lead solo
Guy all vocals
Der Fuhrer rantin’ and ravin’

Latter Days
Curt and Mike mayhem guitars
Mike intro guitar
Guy stacked guitar outro, all vocals


The mp3s for Malicious Intent are now up for the first time since the site was created in ’97. All audio and video is being remastered, August 2008.

This project was recorded in a very haphazard, random fashion with a lot of interruptions and craziness. Chuck, Curt and I worked out Alone, Latter Days and Carnivore, then Curt announced he was quitting and moving to Alabama due to personal family obligations.

We enlisted a guitarist Chuck had played with, Mark Malloy, and went back to work, collaborating on Black Ace, Whipped, Killing Frost and Reign of Terror. I wrote Murder in your Eyes and Neo-Nazis and hashed them out with this line-up of the band.

I also dug up Blood Money and Judas, songs I had written years earlier. That’s Bobby “The Deacon” Gibbs on the backing vocals on the choruses “JUDAS!” We used part of Blood as our live intro for a while, as seen on the version of Tiger Shark for 92.08.03 Monday Night at “The Pit”.

Another song I written a few years earlier, but which had not been included on Predator was Cry Havoc, half of a 2 song medley with one Curt had written when we got our first 4-track. Without his half, I had to come up with the long instrumental intro to fill the song out. I wrote all those parts on bass. We recorded a test version of all those songs, kept rehearsing, then started recording the final versions.

I was increasingly unhappy with Mark’s commitment to the band and the solos and tracks he was coming up with were less than satisfying, more due to his youth and lack of discipline rather than his talent, which was never in question. He plays in my current band, docweasel.

After a few months working on the material while simultaneously trying to put together sets of original and cover tunes for live gigs unsuccessfully, we mutually decided he should leave the band.

Nick Simmons, guitar teacher and classical wizard joined us on the strength of his technical prowess (and our lack of any other decent candidates). His soloing was interesting and original, but once we started re-recording Mark’s rhythm parts it became apparent Nick didn’t have a metal bone in his body.

I started recording the rhythm guitar myself, when it occurred to me that we would be hopeless live. I talked Mike into joining us as rhythm and 2nd lead guitarist. He redid all Mark’s and most of Nick’s rhythm parts that I hadn’t already redone, and I played rhythm on Judas.

Massive differences of opinion, a chance to tour Australia to which Nick could not commit, and finally Curt’s return from Alabama led to a parting of the ways with Mssr. Simmons. I still kept tapes of all his solos, and its interesting to compare them to the way Mark, and finally Curt, approached them.For the third time, we rerecorded most of the guitar parts on the songs.

Curt added some rhythm and redid all the solos that Mike and I weren’t already doing. By now I was pretty sick of these songs, thankfully Curt is extremely well-prepared any time he enters the studio he always has all his parts carefully constructed and worked out and knows exactly what he wants to do, so the recording was very painless and happy.

Good thing too, because we were still on 8 track 1/2 inch tape, and the quality would surely have suffered with many more overdubs on the same channels. Listening to it again after not having listened to it for a long time, I’m struck by how good it is for 8 tracks. The sound is not that bad at all, and there is some really nice guitar work on this album.

There is a major breadth of styles and material here for a metal album. The intro and solos to Alone and the solo on Judas are some of the highlights I had forgotten. We rehearsed and finally got out playing live sets from both Malicious Intent and Predator after finishing the album, which by now I was hearing in my sleep, having engineered 5 guitarists (counting me and Mike) worth of recording, as well as most of the same solos in 3 different versions, not to mention countless test mix-downs.

Although we still did some pretty amazing things with the 8-track with stacked vocals and guitars, we had obviously outgrown 8 channels, and the next project had to go to 16 tracks in order to progress.