site redesign, v5.0

March 1, 2023 vengeanceincorporated

site redesign, v5.0

necessity is a bitch of a mother

Well I think the last time I had to do this was in the early 2000s and I liked the look and frankly never planned on working on this site again.

Then I got the dreaded WP email “there is a technical problem with your site”.

Sometimes this is easy. This time it was not. I had used a WP theme as the basis for my redesign. It’s just easier than starting from scratch because all the responsive code and necessary WP stuff is there, you just monkey with the layout. I had everything done and it looks pretty sweet with some character and having moved the site to WP never planned on bothering it again until someone else died and do a blog post about it.

But the problem was major: I had upgraded to php 8.4 for another site and broken both and because the theme was not compatible. It had never been updated and I tried various fixes to each error that popped up, but every one I fixed opened 10 new cans of worms, so I had to surrender and put in a new theme.

Which, if you know anything about themes, meant the layout was fucked. You can look in some of the ‘history’ pages, which will be the last I get to, to see the problem. So I’m working my way through the site when I have time, I’m up to lyrics now with 4-5 sections to go. And, as I do this I update some commentary and add elements.

I should be done in a week or 2, then on to docweaselband. And then I’m done, I swear it.